Hi, I'm Jesse.

As an Instructional Designer, I draw on a rich, diverse background of teaching and training experience along with the expertise in cognitive science that I've cultivated through my PhD studies at the University of Southern California to craft educational experiences that are engaging, effective, and deeply informed by the science of human learning.

The best way to get to know me is to take a look at some samples of my instructional design and development work, so please feel free to explore my portfolio page!

"Jesse has a wealth of experience in designing compelling educational modules for learners both inside and outside of traditional classrooms. I had the pleasure of working with Jesse as we built the Los Angeles chapter of Corrupt the Youth, a philosophy education outreach program that works with underserved communities. Jesse rose admirably to the challenge and has not only demonstrated a keen ability to break down complex topics into digestible chunks, but also has an arsenal of techniques to present material in both compelling and engaging ways. Jesse is a delight to work with and his expertise and creativity would be invaluable resources for any project or team!"

Rima Basu, PhD

Founder, Corrupt the Youth - LA

Professor, Claremont McKenna College

"Having observed Jesse’s teaching on several occasions, I know that he is a remarkably skilled teacher. As his research supervisor, I also know that he is a brilliant researcher with a deep knowledge of cognitive science, which he has used repeatedly to devise innovative and effective approaches to teaching. He has extensive experience in different teaching environments – from assisting professors as a teaching assistant in traditional university courses, to less traditional settings such as his “Corrupt the Youth” classes at the Youth Education Department of the Los Angeles LGBT Center. He is also an impressively organized and tech-savvy administrator. Overall, he is an astonishingly talented individual!"

Ralph Wedgwood, PhD

Professor, University of Southern California

PhD research supervisor

Contact: Jesse.Jn.Wilson@gmail.com